Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Events

Schedule of Events for the 4th of July

12:00 Noon - House Judging for Decorations
6:15 PM - Non-motorized boat races. Watch for the Belle in the middle of the lake
8:00 PM - Meet at Michelle's house for the Boat Parade
9:45 PM - Ring of Fire
10:00 PM - Fireworks

We still are counting on your donation for fireworks. Contact a board member!! Get your fireworks flag now!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

4th of July - Approaching Quickly - Help Needed!

Hello!  The 4th is just around the corner. Please look at the activities that are coming up for the 4th and try to help with one.  Please reply to let me know if you will be helping.

Tonight – We’ll be gathering in Michelle's yard to stand on the Belle to lift her far enough to fasten some bolts on the motor.

NOW – If you have a floating dock or a neighbor who does not have a boat but has a floating dock please mark the dock number that that dock belongs to clearly on the side of the dock so we will know where to return it.  Put floats on your chains or ropes so that it is easy for us to untie your dock and take it. 

The 30th of June, 6:15 PM – we will be towing the floating docks to the center of the lake and assembling them.  If you have a boat please come out and help us tow.  If you don’t you can always volunteer with someone who does and be the person who ties and works the lines.

The 4th of July –
5:45 PM – we need someone to carry boat race notification sign around the lake
6:15 – we need people with a boat who can help with handing out ribbons, photographing and documenting the winners and act as the “boat to go around”.
7:15 – we need someone to carry the boat parade notification sign around the lake

The 5th of July 6:15 – We need people to return boats to their owners.  If you have a boat and a dock we would appreciate it if you would pick up your own.  If they are clearly marked this will be an easy job.

New neighbor?
If you have a new neighbor or see a neighbor who is not flying a fireworks flag (this year they are red and white checked) please take them the letter attached and let them know we’d love to have them as a member and their help in paying for the fireworks.  This includes the neighbors in the neighborhood behind you.  All of the people with a view of the lake are usually willing to participate if asked!  This is a great way to get to know a new neighbor!

We need a treasurer!-Urgent
LMCA will have to quit after the 4th if we can’t find someone to step up and be the treasurer.  Kathy Ekstrand had been a wonderful treasurer but is no longer able to do the job.  We need someone who has some computer skills and who can preferably set the bookkeeping up in Quickbooks or Excel.  The greatest amount of time will be spent the month before the 4th.  Kathy is willing to train someone.  Please step up!

Dragon Boats are coming! Lake closed!
Please remember that the Dragon Boat races are July 14th and you will only be able to be on the lake with no wake and only to motor out to watch the races or float.

Haven’t sent in your dues-Please do so!
Name ___________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________
Phone ___________________________________________
Email ___________________________________________
New ___Renew ___Lakefront (30.00) _____      Senior (20.00) ____
New ___Renew ___Associate-living in the community-(20.00) _____
4th of July Celebration Donation ($50+ gets you a flag) ________
Belle Donation___________

                                                                               Total =======

Federal Identification Number:  91-1529297
State Business License:  601356682

Friday, September 30, 2011

Paddle Boat Missing?

A blue and white paddle boat was found recently. If you are missing yours, it is waiting to be retrieved at dock 90.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July Boat Parade Winner!

Our 2011 4th of July Boat Parade was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Congratulations to Dan Young and his great crew!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meridian Belle II Launch in the Kent Reporter!

The Kent Reporter covered the Meridian Belle II launch event with Mayor Cooke christening the Belle!

Click here to go to the Kent Reporter site.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

4th of July Approaching Quickly!

Although the weather is not cooperating this year, we are still planning on a great 4th of July celebration on the lake including our new Meridian Belle leading the boat parade. It is time to start planning for how you will decorate your boat! We expect a heated competition this year and lots of participation!

We have a different 2011 fireworks flag for those who contribute $50 or more to the fireworks contract.  Last year the average donation was $75.00. The generosity of the residents gave us one of the most beautiful shows we've ever had on Lake Meridian. As usual, the price of fireworks has increased...just like everything else. To get the quality of show we had last year, we need to spend just a little more. Please fill out your membership form and take it and your donation to one of the LMCA board members from around the lake. They can exchange it for your flag. If you did not get a flag last year and still want one we have a limited supply and for a donation of at least $100, you can get both!

Membership Form
Name _______________________________________
Address ____________________________________
Phone ______________________________________
Email ______________________________________

New ___Renew ___Lakefront (30.00) _____ Senior (65+ 20.00) ____

New ___Renew ___Associate (20.00) _____

4th of July Celebration Donation ________ Must be at least $50.00 to receive this year's flag.

Total =======

To receive newsletters and be invited to the picnic please fill out this form and return

PO Box 7578
Covington, WA 98042-0044

To give and pick up your flag call a board member near you:

Near 132nd & 256th


Michelle McDowell

Near the park


Ellyn Ricker

South side of lake half way down


Fay Jensen

South side of lake half way down


Kathy Ekstrand

Halfway down the North side


Jim Helm



Dean Saggau



John Wright

High bank 132nd area


Work to Begin on Lake Meridan Outlet Ecosystem Restoration

We have just been informed that the Army Corp of Engineers has started construction as of May 25 on the lake outlet to the confluence with Soos Creek. The 2.3 million dollar project consists of building  approximately 2500 feet of new stream channel. The contractor is U.S. Veterans Construction & Management, Corp. a business based in Buffalo, N.Y. The project team anticipates completing construction in April 2012.

The City of Kent is the local sponsor and Beth Tan is the senior environmental engineer working the project for Kent.